Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have let too much time go without mentioning my blessings ... my salvation from insanity. Last week, my sister Shea insisted that I come home for a break. Wow, I had no idea how much I needed it! It's funny how insanity creeps in ... it doesn't announce itself ... it comes in quietly and hangs out in the corner ... slowly taking up more and more space. My craziness began with a simple themometer. The nurse takes Chuck's vitals every few hours. I insisted on knowing his temperature. If it was 98.6 or lower ... all was well. Before I knew it, every few hours was not enough for me. So, I started taking Chuck's temperature every hour on the hour. If it was 98.6 or lower ... I felt safe and happy. This all seemed quite normal to me. It wasn't until I was home laughing about this "quirk" when one of my friends knowingly said, "If you take his temperature every hour, you think you can stop him from running a fever." Wow ... wow ... that was exactly it. Yep, I had become a bonafide wacko.

Okay - so my blessings and return to a somewhat sound mind: Shea organizing my trip home = calling in friends to pray over me and scheduling an hour-long massage; Charlotte, Miranda, Sandra, Ashely, Shea listening to me, crying with me, laughing with me (or at me?)... praying over me; Darrell for taking care of my inspection sticker; Sarah for taking care of my house and giving me wonderful company while home; Sandy for the ticket to Women of Faith Conference; meeting Kelli and Valerie at the Women of Faith Conference. You all helped to restore my sanity. I have not touched a themometer since returning to Dallas. Chuck thanks you.
Chuck is doing really well. I missed the surgeon this morning, but Chuck caught me up on information. Dr. Fenter thinks the procedure went very well. Chuck is still swollen and will be for a couple of days. However, his tummy already feels a bit softer. We expect to see the benefits of this procedure by Sunday ... the benefits being no nausea, the ability to eat and drink while keeping everything down, the ability to have tube feeds started again, the ability to get nourished!

Chuck looks stronger every day. This gives me greater confidence that these bumps in the road ... such as digestion and wounds ... are just bumps. Despite the bumps or perhaps because of the bumps, he's getting stronger! Thanks so much for your prayers. I praise God for his faithfulness ... for his timing ... for his plan.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All went well today. Sorry ... it's late ... like 9:30!!! Details later.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Late-breaking news ... Chuck will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. Dr. Shelokov thinks (wisely) that it is bad form to work on Chuck's colon and spine at the same time ... infection. So tomorrow Chuck will go to Big Baylor (across the street from Baylor Specialty) for the diversion ileostomy (to take care of the colon issue). The surgery is scheduled for 3:00, and will take about two hours. The surgeon did warn me that 3:00 Baylor time may mean 4:00 or later. I do not know when Chuck will go back to Baylor Plano for the skin procedure.

Please pray that all goes well. Please pray that this procedure takes care of Chuck's digestive issues. Know this, Chuck is growing stronger every day - praise God!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally, we have an answer to Chuck's digestive woes! It is his colon ... it has been stretched too much to bounce back. The muscle has grown too weak to correct itself. The colon needs a break in order to regain its strength and do its job. Thus, a simple procedure to by-pass the colon will be performed. The procedure is quick, "simple," and reversible. This procedure can be done at the same time the skin flap procedure is done. The good news about the colon issue is that Chuck's stomach and small intestine are fine.

I forgot one more piece of good news. The final wound on Chuck's chest is "resolved." His front side is healed, healed, healed. Praise God!!
Dr. Shelokov came today ... thanks for the prayers. Chuck definitely needs the skin flap ... it's too risky to leave the hardware exposed. Infection could hit the hardware and spread like wildfire throughout Chuck's spinal cord. However, Chuck's lungs must improve before surgery. He currently has pneumonia (second batch since being at Baylor Specialty ... the first batch is gone, praise God). As soon as Chuck gets clearance from respitory, he'll be sent to Plano for plastic surgery ... with the sunny, darling Dr. Young. I cannot wait to get back ... just to soak up some of her positive energy! Here's the deal ... start praying for a successful skin flap. The hardware has been exposed, and is therefore "infected" (it's been exposed to air) ... whether blood cultures show that or not. The issue is covering this "infected" hardware with skin ... the skin will provide a lovely place for an infection to grow. Pray, pray, pray ... no infection ... no infection and complete healing.

On a positive note ... Chuck is getting stronger. He's ready to get up out of his bed! All of his wounds look better ... including the one on his spine. His arms are much stronger ... his fine motor skills are returning. I praise God for healing Chuck ... time and time again!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

No worries ... there was no post yesterday because I took the day off. Chuck and I had a proper date ... complete with delicious food and a movie. It was really fun ... and we both felt "normal" for a few hours. My cousin, Kam, brought the BEST tortilla soup in the world to Chuck. You should have seen the joy on his face as his sipped it (through a straw, of course). It must have tasted of San Antonio ... of normalcy ... of getting back to life.

Here are the promised details ... some of which are still a little sketchy. I've yet to see an internist since my return to Dallas!

  1. Digestion: Chuck's intestinal system is still being funky. His bowels get bloated. Twice, he's been given the drug, neostigmine. It works beautifully for a few hours, then back to bloat. The G.I. docs are considering a surgery called a diverion ileostomy. This, like the j-peg and the trach, is reversible. The diversion ileostomy involves separating Chuck's lower intestine from the colon. The lower instestine would empty into a "sack". There are a few more "things" to try before surgery is needed. Please pray Chuck's colon gets to work!
  2. Wounds: nothing new to report. The proposed surgery involves taking a flap of skin (complete with muscle and blood supply) and attaching it to the area over his hardware. I spoke with Eric, and surgery is out of the question at this time because Chuck is too "sick." (I love it when they say things like that!) I insisted that he or Dr. Shelokov should come take a look at Chuck. I told him that he'd be shocked at how much stronger Chuck is ("sick" or not)! The wound vac is doing it's job. Chuck and I battle daily ... there's an issue of positioning in the bed. He wants to be up high ... which means he has pressure from the foam pads on his back = which is BAD. (Yes, you are only getting my side. I'm right, Chuck's wrong). I insist that he stays down on the sand part of his bed. Every time I leave Chuck, he gets a nurse or aide to move him up. Oi vey!
  3. Lungs: nothing has changed. I believe the clinical word for this is ... STABLE.
  4. Spirits: much improved!!!

So much has happened since my quick trip home! I won't go into details ... yet. Know this, God is busy at work ... restoring my sanity. Apparently, I needed a break.

Please pray for my niece, Celis (six going on sixteen). She was in an accident (while I was home). She fractured the upper plate in her mouth, her nose, busted out two permanent teeth and two baby teeth. Apparently she takes after her Uncle Chuck. Shea said Celis was tough as nails through the whole ordeal. She's a marvel ... just like her uncle. She's young enough that her battle scars will look "cool" and should earn her a great deal of respect on the playground.

Friday, August 25, 2006

There's a lot to report! I'll give the basics now and give details later:
  1. Chuck's digestive issues are still unresolved. He was given a medicine called neostigmine to help his bowels move. Thus far, it has worked. There's discussion of a possible surgery in Chuck's future ... more info later.
  2. Chuck's wounds look better. Whew. The wound that exposes his hardware already looks improved (after 4 days on the wound vac). There is discussion of a possible surgery in Chuck's future ... more info later ... are you seeing a theme yet? Dr. Shelokov is coming Monday or Tuesday to take a look at Chuck's back.
  3. Chuck's lungs are stable. I've not talked to a doctor yet. There were issues while I was gone with his heart rate increasing, his blood pressure dropping, and difficulties breathing. This was a brief period, but he's been resting since = no time off the ventilator.
  4. Chuck's spirits are much improved.

Alrighty ... expect a full report ... later.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chuck is looking good ... worn out, but good. He's in more pain than typical because he has to be repositioned every couple of hours. He does not like that one bit. We are hopeful that his wounds will heal like crazy! Right now, it's all about positioning, the wound vac, the dressings on his pressure sores ... and time.

I am making a quick trip home = arriving tonight and leaving Friday morning. Thus, there will be no blog update on Thursday. Wound-care comes tomorrow, so I'm hoping there will be something great to report on Friday.

Chuck's been off the ventilator for three and a half hours today. He's doing great!

Please pray for strength (physical and spiritual), courage, and healing.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chuck made the six hours! Whew ... and in the midst of a wound-care crisis. It seems "the worst" has happened ... the hardware on Chuck's back is exposed. As far as wounds go, this is as serious as it gets. Wound-care has taken the #1 seat for health issues. Wouldn't you know it ... sitting up for 45 minutes yesterday was great for the lungs, digestion, and spirit ... but deadly for wounds. Oi vey ... there's a delicate balance to this whole thing.

This is wound-care's plan. They have put a wound vac (like he had on his abdomen) on his back. The hope is that the vac will work it's magic ... like it did on his abdomen. At the Plano hospital, Dr. Young (his plastic surgeon) commented, "If he can heal like that on his front, he can heal like that on his back."

Shea reminds me continually ... God's mercies are new every morning. Do not go past today (do not collect $200) ... because He gives you everything you need to make it through today ... if I venture into tomorrow, I get in trouble. Thus ... I'm staying right here in today. Today is fine. Today Chuck is in great spirits; today he went six hours off the ventilator; today occuaptional therapy oohed and ahhed over his increased arm strength; today he got to eat popsicles and drink Sprite ... and today the hardware issue was discovered and addressed promptly. Today is just fine. Yes, I'm weak in the knees ... but I definitely feel loving arms around me.

Please pray for super-natural healing ... for today ... each day.
At present, Chuck has been off the ventilator for three hours! The doctor wants to try for six hours. I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Chuck had a very good day.

First, he took AND passed a swallow test. They put a camera down his throat, so we watched the whole thing on film. He was given several different consistencies ... to test his swallowing mechanism. All went well ... and he's been given the okay for clear liquids. In a few days, he may graduate to guel-type stuff. Yummy!

Chuck sat up for 45 minutes today! This was soooo good for him ... lungs, digestion, spirit ... they all got a lift.

Tomorrow Chuck will try going off the ventilator. We're all curious to see how he does. He could go 30 seconds ... he could go for 2 hours. Any amount of time is a plus.

God has been so faithful through this whole trial. Thanks for remembering us in your prayers!
My cup runneth over ... again and again. Your generosity has been so incredible. Here are just a few of the amazing blessings that you've bestowed upon me and my precious husband. First of all, I live with Mom and Dad! I've lived with them since May ... they provide ALL my needs ... and wants = Diet Dr. Pepper out the wahzoo. Thanks. Second, many of you have helped me wipe out debt generated while here (hotels, airline costs, gas). Thanks. Then there's my sanity and physical health. A select group has purchased a health club membership for me! The health club is FANCY ... and provides me with time alone to get my mind off everything. Thanks. Next, there have been issues back at home (water lines busting). This has been completely taken care of thanks to Dad and Mr. T. Thanks. Finally, there's my social well-being. My cousin, Kam, invited me to her house for a party ... it was heavenly to get away and relax. Whew ... these are just a few of the blessings that are daily rained down upon me. For all of them, I praise God and thank YOU.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Praise God, Chuck's feeling a bit better. His fever broke ... back to the 98 area. Whew! Please pray as he fights this new infection. Please pray Chuck feels better soon ... and thank God for all he's done thus far (and all he's going to do!)

Tons o' love and appreciation....
Okay ... almost positive the fever is from an infection. The doctors do not get too concerned until the fever hits 101 ... which it has now done. Good news = all blood cultures are negative. The infection is most likely in his lungs (based on a culture drawn yesterday ... it's still a bit early to be certain). It is a different form of bacteria than he's had ... something to do with negative rods and positive rods. Chuck is starting a new antibiotic to battle the negative rods discovered (no idea what that means). Please pray for him to kick this infection quickly. He is not feeling well at all.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

To catch a fever ... it's tougher than it seems! The doctors are busy trying to find the source of Chuck's fever. He's been running one, off and on, for three days now. Everything has been cultured (twice), and he's had several x-rays. I'm hoping the source of the fever is pain-medicine withdrawal. It just so happens that his pain medicine was cut in half four days ago.

Aside from the fever, all is going well ... praise God!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Every single one of Chuck's health issues showed improvement today. I believe this is the first day all four engines have fired at once!

DIGESTION: Chuck's gut has softened, and the swelling has decreased. Tube feedings have begun again. Hopefully, the decrease in Chuck's pain medicine will allow his digestive tract to function properly this time.

LUNGS: His chest x-ray shows improvement. He is not pneumonia-free yet, but he is better.

WOUNDS: All are on the mend ... no new concerns or issues.

SPIRIT: Chuck has long periods of clarity today. He was very active: he listened to a CD, checked email, surfed the net, and watched TV.

I praise God for all these wonders! Please continue to pray for Chuck's digestion, lungs, wounds, and spirit.
Sorry about the porn site that has found its way to my blog! I need to figure out how to block it ... I may need to adjust the comments section so that only registered blog users can reply.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today was "wound" day. The wound-care team visits Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Chuck's wounds are looking MUCH better. However, his pressure wound is not healed enough for him to get out of bed. He still gets therapy, though. Physical therapy comes daily. They've figured out a way to sit Chuck up in his sand bed ... no small feat to be sure. Occupational therapy is more sporadic ... they usually visit three times a week.

Chuck's gut is getting softer ... this is a good thing. Hopefully, tube feeds will start again tomorrow.

Chuck's lungs sound good, and he is taking deeper breaths ... all good.

Fly in the ointment = he's running a fever. They took samples of every fluid in the man's body ... and will be testing, testing, testing.

We are thankful for daily improvements, and remain hopeful. Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Stable" is the word for the day ... Chuck is "stable," which is good. Of course, my heart longs for words like ... "amazingly improved" or "miraculously healed." Alas, all things in God's time.

God's been busy with Chuck. As you will read, there are several PRAISE points:
Lungs - Chest x-ray shows improvement and Chuck's lungs sound clear (Thank you God). The docs have begun the weaning process once again.
Wounds - abdominal wound is completely healed (Thank you God); pressures sores are 50% healed (after only 2 weeks!); spinal incision wound ... ouch. The wound docs are not worried as it doesn't look worse. I am worried because it doesn't look better.
Digestion - a mystery. There are no obstructions in his intestines (Thank you God), but his gut keeps blowing up like a water balloon. Current treatement is to wean Chuck off the narcotics. Perhaps this will help things move along. Until then, he gets his nutrition through the vein.
Chuck made the trip to BIG Baylor yesterday. He did great ... never complained. He amazes me! There is no obstruction, so the mystery continues. The suspected culprit for his digestion woes is now pain medication ... a complicated issue to be sure. Please pray as he is weaned from his medication ... it should be a bumpy ride. I'm sure he'll handle it MUCH better than I will.

Monday, August 14, 2006

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear...." I realized today, upon receiving disappointing news, that I am living in fear ... not God's plan for me ... not God's plan for any of us. In any case, please pray for God to fill me with his peace ... as it is exhausting to live in fear.

No, no, nothing BIG ... it's just that Chuck must make another trip to BIG Baylor = an ambulance ride across the street. It's just that the ambulance ride may mean more damage to the skin on his back. He needs to go for a test to rule out bowel obstruction (pretty serious). I realized today ... I cannot protect him. It breaks my heart ... I keep thinking ... if I just stay by his side, I'll be able to shield him from possible infection, possible obstruction, possible pneumonia. Alas, I've not been able to shield him from anything. God is speaking to me ... trying to get me to turn control over to him. Please pray for me as I try to let God control this.

Please pray for the two of us ... for Chuck's health, for my struggle to release control.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Best day YET! It's funny how a simply amazing day begins like any other. It wasn't until late this afternoon that something happened to Chuck. I do not know how or why (God???), but he suddenly became interested in me ... in taking care of me. This will sound utterly ridiculous, I'm sure ... but there's a much covetted blanket ... it is simply the softest, most luxurious fabric known to man (polyester). I was cold ... and Chuck wanted me to have his blanket. He even rubbed it against my cheek to show me how soft it was ... yes, tears were a flowing. Alas, the joy did not end there. Later he did something that cracked me up ... I mean really gave me a laugh. The look on his face as I gasped for air was PRICELESS ... he knew he still had it ... he knew he could still delight me with his humor. For a moment, we were in heaven.

I think that should do for today's health report.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

No news is good news ... or so I've heard. It is the weekend, which means nothing much happens at the hospital. Chuck is looking "stable," as the doctor mentioned yesterday. Please continue to pray for lungs, wounds, digestion, and spirit.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Morning report:
Pneumonia is hanging on. However, it does not look any worse. (I think the doctor thought this last bit of news would be encouraging ... Boy, he has no idea what kind of person he's dealing with!)

For some strange reason ... (God!), Chuck's nutritionist came in to talk with me. Actually, she came in to check on his T.P.N. (intravenous feeding bag) She told me she's confident Chuck will get back to tube feedings soon. Then she crawled inside my head and commented: "You know, sometimes we have checkoff lists for our loved ones, and we don't feel safe unless they are meeting the goals we've set up for them." (Uh, yeah ... I know!) She further commented, "With Chuck, you've got to let go of your checklists. All of us here are going with what his body can do ... when his body is ready to do it." Wowwie, wow - does God have angels walking around or what????

Okay, I'm feeling worried because I cannot check off "pnuemonia gone" from my list. Please pray for Chuck's lungs. Please pray I rest in God ... that I feel the peace that passes understanding ... as I wait for Chuck's body to be ready to get stronger. Please pray I stop making checklists based on my desires ... and start paying better attention to Chuck's body.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chuck had a very busy day.
  • He enthusiastically did occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Not too shabby! For physical therapy, they put his brace on him and sat him up in bed ... he must not leave that sand bed!
  • His nutrition is giving him some fits. They've stopped his tube feedings and will use TPN feedings (through the vein) until Chuck's system clears out.
  • Wound care is exciting to me ... to see the progress made in such short time. The wounds on his abdomen are great and almost closed. The pressure wounds on his back side are improving drastically. My main concern is the wounds on his spinal incision. There are three areas being watched. We're in limbo ... could go either way ... so let's expect it to go GREAT! They use provant on his spinal wounds twice a day. If you have time, do a google search. It's amazing therapy for wounds!
  • Of great "relief" to me, the doctor says he's stable. I kept asking, "So, what does that mean ... stable?" It means he has some lumps and bumps, but all issues are being addressed and nothing is getting worse. Ahhhh, new favorite word.
For those of you new to the blog (Terry Boyd! How happy I am to hear from you!), the Davis clan and the Kuenning family have created a delightful web site for Chuck. You must, must, must visit It is very Chuck-ish.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let me begin on a light note. Chuck's personality peeks out from time to time. Today, I decided to workout while up at the hospital ... check out the neighborhood. Upon returning from my workout ... Chuck sweetly commented, "You smell terrible!" This coming from a man who has not bathed in 3 months! No matter, I was grateful to hear "him".

On a more serious note, the respitory doctor informed us that Chuck's chest x-ray shows pneumonia in his right lobe. The x-ray was taken on Sunday, and since that time Chuck has been on antibiotics. A new x-ray will be taken tomorrow. Please pray Chuck beats this quickly. There are several issues compounding the situation right now: 1) Chuck must stay flat on his back until his wounds heal. This makes it harder for him to breathe. 2) Chuck is still on some heavy duty pain medication. The medication makes it harder for Chuck to breathe. So, please pray for healing ... of lungs, of wounds, of pain.

Thankfully, Chuck is getting adequate nutrition now to help him fight, fight, fight.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First of all, thank you for your prayers! My spirit has been refreshed ... so those of you praying for that ... I am indebted!

I went to visit Mr. Matthew Conner Roach this morning. He is absolutely perfect. I held him for a couple of hours and he barely made a peep ... just cute little baby noises. What a wonderful way for God to restore my spirit!! Christy looks fantastic. She's already up and walking. Jonah looks great, too ... very proud! Pray for this precious family as they all adapt to life with Matthew. Pray my adorable niece, Lindsey, adjusts well.

Stacie came for a visit! It was a boost for both me and Chuck. Also, Chuck received some therapy today ... whew. Dr. DeLeon (wound-care) took a look at his back. She is not overly concerned ... it is not infected. She expects Chuck will be ready for rehab in about a week. This is great, because it means she thinks his wounds will be healed enough to endure the activity!

God sent an adorable angel to care for Chuck today. She is his nurse-aide. Her name is Mirella, and I want her to take care of Chuck everyday!!! She has a very thick Russian accent ... and a very hearty laugh. She blew into Chuck's room and started barking out encouragement to him. "Chuck, who is this lovely woman at the foot of your bed? Your wife, no? The love of your life? Well, you must get better and go home to her! You must, Chuck, and you will. You will get better." Then she ordered me to write this on his board "Patient goals = Get Strong and Go Home." God sure is sweet to us... to send us such a bundle of energy just when we felt ready to drop!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Our newest addition to the family ... Matthew Roach ... should be making his debut at any minute. Please pray for Christy, Jonah, Lindsey, and Matthew as they adjust to this amazing blessing!

As for Chuck, please pray for his spirit ... which seems adrift. I told him this morning that he must engage more ... he's not thrilled with that idea. Please pray for his mind to be filled with hope, with the promise of health, with the joys of life.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The good, the bad, and the boring:

Good = Chuck's nutrition gets better with each day. The nutritionist has added banana flakes and protein to his meals. (His meals consist of a big bottle of Ensure-looking stuff). This delightful banana-protein combo is mixed with water, and is then "shot" into his j-peg via syringe. The banana flakes will provide some much needed fiber as well as some potassium. The protein powder will help with his healing. By the way, the man is up to 117 pounds! That's quite a leap from his typical 87 pounds.

Bad = the incision on Chuck's back looks "questionable" to me. He spent three hours on a regular bed Friday ... in order to get his new PICC line. Yesterday the nurse changed the dressing on his back, and I could see where his incision was pulling apart in some areas. Pray, pray, pray! Quick switch back to GOOD = Dr. DeLeon (wound care doc) is on the case. I feel she will be able to help his back heal. So ... this situation is a mixed bag. I'm trying to keep my eyes on God rather than the situation. He's faithful ... no matter the outcome ... God will take care of us.

It is boring here! It is very low-tech ... very quiet ... very slow ... seems like the perfect place for me. However, we are just waiting...waiting...waiting for Monday. In the meantime, I've been trying to meditate on: "Wait patiently on the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently on the Lord." It takes a great deal of bravery and courage to be patient!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

It has been brought to my attention that there's little lately addressing Chuck's health! Oops. Sorry about that ... I've been so preoccupied with the move and his new doctors. Here's the deal:

  • Chuck has a staph infection; most likely caused by his PICC line (the line used to administer all of his drugs). The line was removed yesterday and placed in his other arm. He started antibiotics.
  • His back and abdominal wounds are healing BEAUTIFULLY.
  • His nutrition is going well - praise God! He has stopped the bloating ... but is still experiencing some nausea. The nutritionist is still tweaking his "food".
  • Respitory is getting off to a slow start ... no time off the ventilator yet. They are decreasing his volume support daily. He started at 32 on Wednesday. He is down to 20. They typically wait until someone is at 10 before doing what they call t-bar trials (formerly known as trach collar) = time off the ventilator.
  • It seems his therapies (physical, occupational, speech) will begin on Monday.

Good news: he desperately wants OUT of the place. I told him, "Good, do what it takes to get out!"

Please pray for his health ... healing from the infection, healing from his pressure sores, and that he keeps motivated.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Whew ... okay, I'm feeling better about this place. I have met all of Chuck's new doctors. My personal belief is that his wound-care doctor is nothing short of brilliant.

Yesterday, he was on bedrest. Yes, I freaked a little. I found his internist and commented - a bit frantically, "Hey, what's going on? I thought he'd be up, doing therapy. He's going backwards!" She assured me that all was well. They wanted everyone (wound care, respitory, physical therapy) to assess him before doing anything that could potentially harm him (yeah, she knows how to get on my good side). By 5:00, everyone had seen him, and now he's good to go. Today should be his first official day of therapy.

I praise God for careful doctors. I praise God for the healing occuring with the wounds on Chuck's back! Please pray for his pressure sores (he now has three on his backside - one of which is quite heinous).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh, the flesh is weak! Guess what I forgot ... in my very earthly state of mind? Uh, Chuck is out of ICU, praise God! For heavens sake ... I was so worried yesterday about the next step ... I overlooked the miracles God performed in only one week's time. Sooo funny, sooo sad.

Thank you God for delivering Chuck from critical care!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The jury is still out on the new place. Chuck is there, and is getting settled. I feel like I'm still holding my breath ... please pray no new issues are created while in rehab. I am worried about his wounds. Please pray they heal ... that no more surgeries will be needed. Please pray his stay in long-term-accute-care is SHORT due to excellent care and speedy recovery!
We're out of here! Yea God ... thank you, thank you. Wow, I don't quite know what to write ... God is great, God is good ....

Please pray for this transitional time for Chuck. We're both a bit anxious, yet excited ... but anxious....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ross and Tod gave us the AMAZING gift of the Fix Up Chuck web site. I just realized, it is a gift to you as well. It's been hard on you, our friends and family, to watch us struggle through this. Your prayers have been powerful and effective! However, I know many of you want to do even more. Ross and Tod have provided a way for you to be involved, and for that I am truly grateful.

God's blessings!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee, how great thou art, how great thou art (this hymn keeps running through my mind ... every morning I wake up to it).

My sister, Shea, does not read the blog. I'm always taken aback when she asks what's going on ... as I assume once I put info on the blog then everyone automatically knows. So, she's asking about each of Chuck's issues: how are his wounds, his lungs, his nutrition, his spirits. As I'm detailing how each and every issue is improving, she dryly (she is the queen of dry) comments, "Hmmm, that's wierd. It's almost like all of your concerns are being taken care of ... like some supernatural force is involved or something like that. Wierd." Then we died laughing ... it's amazing to see God answer prayer so specifically that one could miss it. Today I praise God for all he's done for Chuck!

Good news on "the decision" to move to the Dallas location. This morning I was praying for clarity in my decision-making. As soon as I got to the hospital, my two favorite nurses came to encourage the Dallas move... yep, the rumor mill is alive and well at Baylor has spread of my infamous flip-flop antics. They came to say, "We hear you're going to Dallas. We didn't want to say anything until you were set, but that is the BEST place to go." They went on and on about the great staff, the state-of-the-art rehab stuff. One of them had a nephew go through rehab there, and she was in awe of the place. That was a quick answer to prayer!

We are "patiently" waiting for the perfect bed ... the perfect nurse ... you know, God's timing.