Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Closing

It has been three years since Chuck died. THREE YEARS. I can scarcely believe it. I remember praying, “How long, Lord? How long til I can breathe again? How long til each moment of each day is not absolute agony? How long til I want to live again? How long til I laugh? How long?” God has graciously and miraculously healed my heart and breathed new life into my once weary spirit. Praise Jesus!

This blog has been such a gift to me. Thank you for encouraging me through “the hospital days” and through my grief. God used you to ease my burden, and for that I will be eternally grateful. This precious season of my life has come to an end – as has this blog. I look back at it in wonder – so many miracles, so much pain, so much joy, so much…life.

I want to part with the truth about what happened to Chuck Though it broke our hearts to say goodbye to him, he is home. Though it seemed cruel to take him after such a courageous battle, God showed mercy to Chuck. He loves Chuck so much, that He put Chuck’s needs above our wants. God whispered, “Well done, Chuck,” and He relieved all of his struggles, all of his pain, all of his limitations. He gave Chuck LIFE.

May God bless you richly! All my love - Jan