Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Tender Reminder

I'm beginning my morning with thoughts of Chuck. Sometimes I try to downplay what I (we) lost. This is one of my feeble attempts at self-preservation...he was just a man, right? Yet there are times I simply cannot deny it. Chuck was amazing...bold...audacious...witty...charming...challening...and oh so much more. Once again I am humbled and awed that HE CHOSE ME.

I recently received a letter from a nurse who took care of Chuck during one of his stints in the I.C.U. at Big Baylor. Cassie, as God would have it, is a former camper!

Hi Jan,

First and foremost, I just want to say how very sorry I am to hear about Chuck. While I didn't know him in the capacity that most people who visit the site did, I was touched by his presence, even if for a little while. It was always an honor for me to get to take care of Chuck, and talk to the two of you, even about basketball (I am still grateful for the day you guys put the TV on the Mavs-Spurs game so I could watch!). It always warmed my heart to see how many people loved the two of you, and how much the two of you loved each other.

I'm so glad to see that you guys are doing a memorial at TLC. I know how much the camp meant/means to you guys, and there are many others--including myself who will always be grateful that there was a place you could go and be "normal", even if for a little while.

Take care,

Cassie Moffitt